GTA Five vs iCEnhanced GTA IV Graphics Comparison

Gaming Blend "Ok, so after watching, re-watching, and then super re-watching the debut teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto Five: Vinewood, there’s a few things that stood out that makes the game questionable especially given its visual similarities to the iCEnhanced version of GTA IV."

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Wintersun6162329d ago

I'm curious to know how much knowledge and experience this guy has in making and optimizing games. He's saying that footage from the trailer is impossible to create on PS3 and Xbox 360, and what is that based on?

Also I think it's safe to bet that Rockstar are better at optimization than a bunch of modders. Rockstar created GTA IV, from the ground up, and that's a whole lot more work than just graphics. Then someone else made it look a whole lot better. This does not make these modders better at making games. Rockstar had a lot more stuff to do than take a finished product and improve and polish it for a high-end PC. Also we have to consider the fact that GTA IV had to work on Xbox 360 and PS3 too, not just on a high end PC and that was released over 3 years ago. And at that time GTA IV looked astonishing and many people were wondering how on earth they pulled it off. Since then Rockstar most probably got a lot better at making and optimizing games for current gen consoles.

I'm not a professional either, but common sense tells me that this could totally be done on Xbox 360 and PS3 too.

vortis2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

There's a difference between optimization and graphical upgrades.

It wasn't like GTA IV or TBOGT was running at 60fps, it just wasn't possible. TBOGT was highly optimized for the PS3 and XBox 360 but still didn't look as good as that GTA V trailer.

Common sense also tells us that how can a game look better than its predecessor still running on six year old tech and run at the same frame rate?

That's like trying to run Crysis 2 with full DX11 features on a PC that ran Crysis 1 at Ultra from 2007. Optimized or not, there's going to be a performance gap. Heck, even RAGE, optimized as it was for consoles, still had serious texture issues and that game certainly doesn't have the same kind of open-world features as GTA.

ATi_Elite2329d ago

1. Rockstar went back in an Optimized their game engine to get more out it. Make it run faster and smoother thus allowing for more features to be added. Also I'm sure they learned some new programming tricks since GTAIV to better utilize the 360/ps3.......all good Devs do learn and get better!

2. GTAIV PC was a crappy console port that relied way too much on the hardware instead of proper coding techniques thus the game didn't scale very well. Basically it just ate up all your PC's resources and left very little for your PC to do anything else which is NOT cool.

the Ice mod did slim GTAIV a bit and added Wonderful detailed textures.

3. looking forward to GTAV PC and hopefully it will be a better port to utilize multi-threading, DX11, and other PC features to run more efficiently......and i know a new ice mod will be made so the graphics will be AAA+