Should You Buy Batman: Arkham City’s Nightwing Bundle Pack? No.

Luke Plunkett: "The rather wonderful Batman: Arkham City will, thanks to its wealth of extra-curricular content, still be spinning in many people's disc drives this week. No matter. Publishers Warner Bros. think now is the time to drop some fresh downloadable content for the singleplayer-only game.

So this week has seen the release of the Nightwing pack, which for $7 adds a new Challenge Room character, two new Challenge Room...challenges and a bonus skin. Is it worth the money? Let's ask some guys who work for Kotaku what they think."

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jc485732453d ago

i don't think I would even bother with GOTY edition. Challange mode is "ok," but I wouldn't want more of it. Really want to know what else Rocksteady has for their episodic dlc plans.

HALODST2453d ago

Ill be waiting for some campaign dlc, just for nightwing catwomen and teh dark knight, not robin though he's too damn annoying and no assasins creed hoody will change that

"ohh let me help you with arkham city batman, because I can take it and I are better then you" lol

SageHonor2453d ago

I might get Robin. Thats it

InTheLab2453d ago

I picked up the Nightwing DLC last night and regret it. Another character with s*** moves.