Ziff Davis: Gamers are technology enthusiasts, music lovers and movie buffs

In a community where word-of-mouth reigns supreme, the gaming demographic is becoming recognized by retailers as consisting of influencers. And gamers don't just influence gaming-related purchases - but general product purchases, according to a Ziff Davis Media consumer study.

The survey found, not surprisingly, that the gaming community is heavily comprised of technology enthusiasts, music lovers and avid movie watchers. Some highlights (also see series of charts below related to these findings):

• Over 80 percent own a mobile phone, DVD player, and desktop computer; over 50 percent own a digital camera, MP3 player (without video), Wi-Fi products, PC storage/hard drive and flat panel PC monitor.

• 1/3 are considering buying a flat panel/plasma/LCD TVs, HDTVs or high end audio systems in the next 6 months; another 25% is considering purchasing digital camcorders and laptop/notebook computers.

• 93% are enthusiastic about and comfortable with new technology and consumer electronics, with 76% described by their friends as being into the latest technology and 61% being the first among their friends to buy new technology gadgets.

• 71% planning to purchase an Apple iPod in the next six months, 43% Microsoft Zune, 28% Apple iPhone, and 24% Creative Labs.

• 64% going to theaters at least once a month, 91% watching a DVD movie at least once a month, and 76% renting an average of 7 movies in the previous 6 months.

Read the full report for information about the survey and additional numbers.

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jack who3835d ago

gamers are technology enthusiasts, music lovers and movie buffs

yes yes and no..i guess am not a gamer

MK_Red3835d ago

technology enthusiasts, music lovers and movie buffs:
Yes, No, Yes. Special "yes" for the movie buff part because I love and enjoy cinema as much as the video games.

Covenant3835d ago

All of the above...

In my house I have:

2 PCs, 1 laptop (complete with wireless network), five MP3 players, four game systems (360, GBA, DS, Gamecube), Tivo, six DVD players (not counting the 360), four TVs, a DVD recorder, two surround-sound systems (one upstairs, one downstairs), and 3 cell phones.

And: More than 1,000 DVDs--including about a quarter of the Criterion collection--and nearly a terabyte of music.

Plus more than 800 books.

And not a lot of space for other stuff. :)

But I'm happy with it.

Bonsai12143835d ago

techie - yes
audiophile - no
videophile - yes
here's one not included... athlete - yes :-p

good movies are hard to come by. so you need the best stuff to enjoy it.

Darkiewonder3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I enjoy technology quite a bit.

Non-game and then some:

I have like 4 Digital Camera: 3 Point and shoot and one Digital SLR).
3 Laptops and 1 PC.

Gamer? Sometimes. but I have a 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Had DS, a PSP, gamecube, gameboy systems and such.

60+ Ps2 games, 15+ ps1 games, 15+ gamecube. 10+ Wii games. 1 360 game, 3 ps3 games.

As far as games go, I'm quite picky and I do enjoy quality game. [well sorta after this gen came along and I saw what I did with the Wii.]

audio/music? not so much, as far as music go, I had a Creative Zen, Currently and iPod Photo. as far as surround sound systems for games and TV and such. nope. still using th built in speakers. but I did help my father buy his system for his 73" HDTV though ;o

I have an electric Guitar ($500) with a cheapo amp ($200). That's music for yah.

Movies/Video? Yeah, i like looking at beautiful things or at least on a big screen. I grew up with at least a 27" TV. always went up and never down.

I love movies. last year I probably went to the movies 2-3 times a month every month.
Nowadays I buy a few movies but the rest I just view online {Tsk tsk I know}

I'm all over the place. but I do enjoy my electronic devices. but I'm a gamer first then everything else follows ;o

P.S. everything I listed is in my room or in the closet for storage [games]

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