Watch This Awesome Gunslinger Spin His Revolvers Like Ocelot

Anyone who’s familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series knows Revolver Ocelot. That cocky bastard sure does love his six shooters and he sure knows how to spin ‘em. He does some pretty impressive gun spinnin’ in the game, but let’s see someone try that in real life!

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xPhearR3dx1907d ago

Well, with all those fancy tricks he's doing I bet his K/D ratio is terrible.

Sandwich Bender1907d ago

How do you only have two bubbles? I laughed out loud at this.

Hitman07691907d ago

That's some fancy shit right there

Sigmarue1907d ago

Hoooooooomg. It makes no sense, but I'm impressed.

xtheownerzx1907d ago

LOL at 1:50 in the morning I come on N4G and i see this. I'm laughing so hard right now.

Hicken1907d ago

I am impressed. I usually just aim and fire.