Toshiba to mass-produce 45 nanometer system chips in fiscal year 08

Tokyo, Nov 26, 2007 (Thomson Financial via COMTEX):

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba Corp plans to start mass-producing high-performance system chips with circuit widths of just 45 nanometers in the second half of the year to March 2009, the Nikkei reported on Friday without citing sources.

Although product specifics are yet to be decided, the electronics manufacturer could make 45 nanometer versions of the RSX graphics chips used in Sony Corp's PlayStation 3 game console, the business daily said.

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Lord Anubis3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

ah, Toshiba will make the 45 nanometer Graphics chips while IBM makes the 45nm cell. It's all coming together for the end of 2008.

Ju3889d ago

The article also mentioned, that they started producing a 65nm RSX (or are scheduled to start). Seems the PS3 goes fully 65nm soon, and 45nm later next year. Looks like a new revision in spring and a scaled down for late 2008. Another price cut ? (I hope they'll bring a 65/45nm GS back for BC in the new models).

IntelligentAj3889d ago

Damn technology is getting smaller and smaller every time I check.

aiphanes3889d ago

We all know that Toshiba has a vested interest in the cell and the PS3 (RSX chip)...why come they just can't get along and combine the HD-DVD and Bluray tech into one...

Bladestar3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

lol... why do people always blame microsoft... lol... it's true that maybe Microsoft gives some finantial help... but that's not the only reason why Toshiba continue to support HD DVD... if they wouldnt think HD DVD had a chance do you think they would be investing so much time and resources into it... do you people actually believe Toshiba is just supporting HD DVD to please microsoft? Let's not forget that Toshiba made HD DVD... Microsoft supports it... Sony's plan back fired... they though adding blu-ray to the PS3 would help blu-ray... they figured since most of the money in the game industry comes from software sells not hardware.. they could take a lost on the hardware side.... making the cheapest blu-ray player (PS3) giving them the price benefit over HD DVD...
What Sony got now? loses... loses... PS3 is not selling as much software/games as they thought.. and they are being forced to lower the price of the PS3... making them bleed money left and right... though the PS3 helped blu-ray.. they question is.. if it helped enough... HD DVD are still cheaper.. cheaper than the PS3 and cheaper than standalone drives...

But sony is very smart... they cover the truth with dirt to confuse the data... trying to convince studios that the PS3 does help the format war... what did they do? They give movies away when you buy a PS3 or blu-ray player... heck... what did they do to beat Transformers? include the movies with the PS3 SKU....
Why? just because Sony wants to be nice with the people?

No... they want to show blu-ray winning to HD DVD 70/30 or less...
Smart ehh? a little too late but HD DVD camp started to do the same...

This are dirty tricks to contaminate the movie attach rate... Why do you think wii sports is always the top selling game for the wii? duhh it comes in the box...

Why not stop giving movies away.. yes.. both HD DVD and blu-ray camp... let people buy their own movies... then we will see the real truth numbers and if it's true that playstation gamers buy blu-ray movies...

Combining both technologies is not that easy.. they are somewhat different.. and they both solve the same problems... space for 1080P movies.. it does not make sense to do a join research to come up with a 3rd technology... one of them needs to be dropped... and concider all their investments and resources a lost... last time Sony offered that to Toshiba and Microsoft... more like an insult... (as if is going to happen)... that's like cuba declaring war to China and asking china to surrender without a fight.... right...
Format war is not going to end... for a while.. Toshiba and Microsoft have no gains or benefits from joining blu-ray... Toshiba is relatively alone on the HD DVD camp making hardware... so for them it's better for them to be alone in this end... as long as they keep production cost for the HD DVD players low.. and this news shows that they can... and as far as microsoft, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"... HD DVD hurts blu-ray which hurts SOny and the PS3... so, why not... why would Microsoft want to help blu-ray which will help the PS3 which will hurt the xbox 360 and their digital distribution agenda? Sony should of kept blu-ray off the console war and maybe blu-ray would have won the format war...

Young Capwn3889d ago

I stopped at "PS3 not helping" i got bored with your post so im going to just dissagree.

Ju3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Toshiba was ready to drop HD-DVD in 2005 when (rumored) M$ injected some cash to keep them going. I'd say, Toshiba has a backup to go BD in case they have to.

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Marty83703889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Sony has interests in rival tech also. Sony has a joint venture with NEC(Which supports HD DVD). Sony will be the bigger of the two stakeholders in the joint venture. It will own 55% of Sony NEC Optiarc, to NEC's 45%.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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