Is Call of Duty really 'bigger' than GTA?

MMGN writes: That pesky videogame industry analyst Michael Pachter is at it again, taking advantage of the hyped launch of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer to claim that Call of Duty "is bigger" than Grand Theft Auto. Does what he have to say have any worth?

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Ezio20482305d ago

let him say whatever he wants...GTA is BIGGER than any GAME!!!

every time a GTA game comes, it blows away the competition.
Since GTA 3 till GTA 4...all parts have done tremendous in sales, reception and awards.

MW2 was able beat GTA 4 in sales coz in 2009, 14 million consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) were bought MORE than in 2008 which aded to the sales. Also i would like to say that GTA was not even released on PC at that time.

So, i am certain that by the time GTA 5 comes (Next year, perhaps), it will be wrapping up all the sales.

Tachyon_Nova2305d ago

But even so, if there is only a GTA every 3 or 4 years then surely it has to well and truly dominate CoD in sales to be considered 'bigger'?

Thatguy-3102304d ago

This Gen has been all about online component and the way we interact with one another hence why COD is the mammoth this gen when it comes to most valuable franchise(sales wise). Though GTA 4 online was fun in no way will it topple COD....Plus R* took way to long to announce a new GTA. It will sell good but doubt it will break any COD numbers.

GunofthePatriots2305d ago

Maybe if rockstar milked their golden cow every year for all it's worth it would be.

I'm glad they don't so we get good quality games.

thereapersson2305d ago

Doesn't mean that the media won't stop giving out 9's and 10's to Call of Duty games every year they are released.

Batzi2305d ago

Well before COD4, yes it was WAY bigger! But COD4 put counter-strike to shame. COD4 fixed everything that was wrong with Counter-Strike. Who would have thought that Counter-Strike would be finally over? COD4 came and not only destroyed Counter-Strike but became a standard in the first-person shooter genre and no game came close to what COD4 achieved. Sales-wise, COD now is FAR better than anything that is entertainment not just in gaming :P It broke many records(Black Ops) so yea it is bigger than GTA in terms of sales. Since they are different games you just can't compare otherwise. Call of Duty 4 set the bar really high and it's pretty much hard to overcome the success that COD4 did. I say it's a big challenge and oh God I can't wait until that day comes when a game truly surpasses what COD4 achieved.

Shackdaddy8362304d ago

CS source and even 1.6 is still alive and kicking....

PhantomT14122305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

8 years? I don't think Call of Duty's hit will last that long...

Anyway, what other franchise has the balls to release a reveal trailer near holiday season, making us forget -even for a very short moment- all the other releases of this period?

Thatguy-3102304d ago

Forget the releases of the period? Naw been playing the heck out of Uncharted 3 and still have to wait for fact if it wasn't because I'm in n4g 24/7 I would have had no idea about the trailer.

The_Kills2305d ago

Anyone that plays a GTA game is sure to buy the next one in the series, due to quality (which is obvious considering there is no yearly milking) and obviously due to the anticipation and long waiting time for the next instalment. Can you say someone that plays a COD game will definately buy the next one if left with the choice to either get GTA or COD.. Hm..

Tachyon_Nova2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Its funny how peoples perceptions of GTA IV have changed over the years. After release there was a lot of people claiming it was utterly overhyped, mostly in retailiation to its ridiculously high metacritic score. Now though it seems that everyone has put that behind them and has refound that love for the game.

GamersRulz2305d ago

I agree with you, its strange how people views change in mere seconds,anyway I hope GTA V turns to be a good game.

Thatguy-3102304d ago

YES lol trust me a lot of ppl would go for COD because everyone buys COD...if you choose gta v then your most likely going to play it on your own...This gen has proven that multiplayer is a big factor when it comes to purchasing a game...COD towers over GTA when it comes to online. People that believe that GTA is the mammoth in sales that it used to be will be left might sell good but won't topple COD when we talk about sales

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