DLC Farce - Content out Before Game

Gameplayer is reporting that local Ace Combat distributor Atari miraculously have all new premium content available for a game that has yet to be released.

"But when you are forced to pay extra for content that would traditionally be unlockable, things start to look decidedly unfair. As an ace pilot once said: "this deal is getting worse all the time."

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SlappingOysters3956d ago

I just can't see how content can be available within a month of a game being released without out feeling ripped off. If this DLC is ready before the game is out, surely it is ready for the finished game?

jack who3956d ago

maybe cuzz the game has been out in other county's?

SlappingOysters3956d ago

Yeah I did think about that - but still..

Us Aussies not only get delayed, but we get nothing as compensation. I just worry about the whole state of DLC...

vgn243956d ago

The game is only localized between countries. It doesn't have DLC from other countries added to it. So the DLC has been available for a long time now, but some moron wants us to think it's a conspiracy?

Lacarious3956d ago

they are always thinking of new ways to screw over consumers. This is just another way for them to make as much money as possible.

Only thing a consumer can do is refuse to pay for the items.

Lord Cheese3956d ago

wasnt it Lando Calrissian that said that quote? ;o)

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