Wired Review: Rock Band Is the Ultimate Music Game (10/10)

Chris Kohler reviews Rock Band on Wired Game|Life:

Whether solo or with friends, Rock Band is the Ultimate Music Game.

Wired: Improbably, an ambitious kitchen-sink project with slam-dunk execution. Drumming would have been fun enough on its own. You will throw the best parties ever.

Tired: "Band World Tour" mode doesn't work with online play. Expensive. Peripherals are scarce.

Rating: 10/10

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Surviver3921d ago

Glad to see all these positive reviews, looking forward to being a drum hero.

sa_nick3920d ago

Another 10/10. Niiiiiice

solar3920d ago

i can see this and gh3 get a 10 for fun factor, i can accept that. but all around 10 is a little much.