AMD Introduces Cutting-Edge PC Platform: Spider

"Rewriting the rules for enthusiast computing, AMD unveiled its new platform codenamed 'Spider', with the first true quad-core processor supporting scalable graphics for The Ultimate Visual Experience. The AMD Spider platform combines the introduction of AMD Phenom quad-core processors, ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series graphics processors with Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support, AMD 7-Series chipsets with CrossFireX and AMD OverDrive software. The AMD Spider platform is a major milestone on the path to Accelerated Computing, AMD's vision for platform-level acceleration through co-processing."

[ via on Nov. 19 ]

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INehalemEXI3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Quad GPU's pretty frigan spiffy. Spider sounds nasty too. It makes me wonder what game will promote this product.

I had a couple of 8800 gts in sli and decided to put 1 in my girls pc since for anything out now even crysis the 1 8800 gts was more then enough.

IntelligentAj3889d ago

I sincerely hope that this set kicks Intel's A$$

kittoo3889d ago

Intel isn't getting any real competition lately and that is not a good thing for customers. I like Intel more but AMD seriously need to put up competition.

IntelligentAj3889d ago

Yeah it's already been shown that complacency kills and is bad for any market.

TheIneffableBob3889d ago

Benchmarks show that Phenom is a big disappointment. It's slightly more expensive than Intel's Core 2s, uses slightly more power, has less overclockability, and performs slightly worse clock for clock. ATI's latest outing with its mid-range Radeon HD 3850 and 3870s are quite good, however.

PS3PCFTW3889d ago

theres no way this could dethrone the quad core2duo extreme setups.

first off in this spider setup, the phenom is a major bottleneck.
so yeah youll have massive gpu processing but the phenom is trash in comparison to a c2dextreme. Most reviews call the phenom's a complete failure in regaining the market.

the quad gpu is nice for amd/ ati. Its just not enough when intel and nvidia are sure likely to come out with their own quad gpu soon with a more capable cpu and gpu available.

i would personally get quad 9800ultras with a 45nm c2dextreme and hopefully 8 gigs of ram(depending on mb) as soon as its available.

As of right now, ati/amd cannot compete with intel/nvidia.

Silvia0073889d ago

Good old days. If they don't do something soon, it's all over boys. I'd hate to see AMD out of the picture but it looks like they are going the way of VIA.

WilliamRLBaker3889d ago

except via chipsets are still in production and use...

IntelligentAj3889d ago

I don't think AMD is going away(though i'm starting to worry a little bit). At least I hope they don't because I would hate to have to buy Intel chips only with little or no alternative.

PS3PCFTW3889d ago

..........and pay more than 2k for a new cpu.

i would hate that too. it wouldnt be allowed though.

at least not for long, remember when ms was creating a monopoly? they got fined up the a$$ and the monopoly was mandated to be broken.

its tough to tell what will happen though.

im interested to see if amd and ati can bounce back. it seems as like since they joined forces, their technical achievements/performance goals have been lost in the process.