Loot Ninja's Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360) Review

Guitar Hero III is the second in the series for the Xbox 360, but the first from Activision. After Guitar Hero II, Harmonix broke away to work on new ventures, and Activision stepped in to continue the hit series with RedOctane. But did the game live up to its own high standards? Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Xbox 360.

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fiercescuba3921d ago

The set list is good but not great. There are just too many songs I do not care about.

drunkpandas3921d ago

Yeah, Rock Band definitely has a better setlist. But there are some really run songs too play in GH3. Avalancha (bonus track) is a lot of fun, and the Halo theme is cool too

vgn243921d ago

does someone want to explain to the reviewer the correct history of the franchise? "Harmonix broke away to work on new ventures". That's an interesting way to see it. lmao.

drunkpandas3921d ago

Harmonix developed Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, and Guitar Hero 80s. Before Guitar Hero 3, Harmonix was purchased by MTV to work and developed Rock Band. Activision stepped up to develop Guitar Hero 3. All games were published by RedOctane.

Don't know which part you think I don't understand.

vgn243921d ago

Simply put, there's a huge difference between "breaking away to do other projects" and being flat out bought by MTV. Based on your response, you understand the difference. Sad you didn't realize it when submitting/writing your review.

Second Activision didn't develop GH III. Neversoft, an Activision owned developer made GH III. Don't worry. Not a big deal. I just wish all writers who took the time to write did research or at least conveyed the proper historical background of a game.

So which part aren't YOU understanding?