OnLive Wins Innovation of the Year Award

OnLive was officially named as the recipient of this years Innovation of the Year award. OnLive Informer believes it is well deserved, and wish to congratulate everyone at OnLive as all your hard work is beginning to pay off.

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Hockeydud192419d ago

Good for them. The more I use the service the more I've come to like it.
-Great Deals on games
-If your internet connection is good the games run at a smooth 60Fps or above.

Can't wait to see where this service goes next.

Highlife2419d ago

I really don't care for the service. Don't have the big exclusive games. Plus I have good internet speed. Speed test usaully ends up at 28mbps and the games still feel like there is some lag. Also the images don't seem to have that crisp of a feel.

TheBlackMask2419d ago

It will slowly die out over time and when next gen arrives it will be dead.