A look at gun mechanics in single-player and multiplayer (Uncharted 3)

Naughty Dog: Judging from a few threads we've seen popping up on various forums, including our own fourms on, there's a good debate brewing on what's different or changed with our gun combat mechanics in both single-player and multiplayer. Since we've got access to all the underlying bits for those mechanics, we wanted to share some of those details for you.

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Papertiger2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Wow. That was quite a hasty response.

artynerd2271d ago

... but they still don't mention the lag. You can talk accuracy improvements until you're blue in the face, but a split-second lag makes it all null and void.

Strange_Evil2271d ago

It's not lag, it's the dead zone that is the issue. The reticle moves only when you move the analog stick to the extreme as opposed to in UC2 when the deadzone was small and it moved as soon as you even twitched it a little. I don't know how ND are measuring it and calling the aiming same as UC2, but that issue should be sorted ASAP.

The funny thing is, the same issues aren't seen in the MP, only SP. ND just have to patch the controls to be similar to MP and it's done. Don't know why it's taking them so long to do it.... Hopefully it's done. I ain't playing on Hard unless the controls are fixed.

Ippiki Okami2271d ago

"I ain't playing on Hard unless the controls are fixed."

Its not that bad. I beat it on hard first run through and got the 100 headshots trophy already. So its not impossible my bro.

Strange_Evil2270d ago

^^^ I ain't saying it's impossible. I always play the 'Hard' mode of any game after my 1st play through just to get a more fun experience. I play my 1st play through to just enjoy the story, whereas hard more is for combat fun as it takes more shots to kill and you are more vulnerable. At this point of time, the controls will kill Drake more than my incompetence if I play on hard and mar my experience.

To top it off, the enemies this time seem more aggressive and come right at you (again a change ND made to let players get into more fist cuffs to show off their Meele system), but this again poses a problem as moving the reticle is so slow that while L1 is pressed, it moves like you are controlling a turret in Bf3 due to the huge deadzone (exaggerated, but you get the point). You kill someone and by the time you aim for another, he rolls to the next cover.

Also somehow, when someone is moving and I hit, there is hardly any sort of reaction.. i mean in UC2, if you hit someone without armor, he used to flinch and that gave you the opportunity to throw a grenade or get a head shot... Such a thing is painful to pull off in UC3 due to the sluggish controls.

I know I am cribbing on small issues and I can get accustomed to it, but I wanna have fun playing the game in Hard mode and not wrestle with the controls. ND has a knack of producing great games, but ruin some small things that mars the experience (they did the same with UC2 where they patched the multi-player controls... Haven't played that since then). That time I was quiet thinking they will patch it, but they didn't and the community died... This time it's the other way around with the SP suffering and MP being near perfect... I still am astonished that none of the reviews have picked up this point. Hope ND listen to their fans as this time there is a huge uproar wherever I am reading the user feedback.

nycredude2270d ago

strange evil

here is an idea, change the freaking sensitivity in the options menu. I did the same it works wonders. Played on hard first run at chapter 19 and had my 100 headshots trophies a long time ago. Maybe learn how to shoot. Blaming it on a split second lag is weaksauce.

MaxXAttaxX2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Wow, some people are just lazy.

If you can't be bothered to either change the aim sensitivity or simply TRY, then IDK.

I too beat the game on Hard and got the 100 headshots trophy, easy.

Each enemy class reacts differently to getting shot depending on the weapon and better than in Uncharted 2.
It's just you.

Currently playing on Crushing. Just got my headshots in a row trophy.

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Goozex2271d ago

Imple patchWork to fix the aiming I don't see the huge deal everywhere.

smashcrashbash2271d ago

I am not sure what to believe. People went on and on about UC2's shooting being the weakest point in the game and I never noticed anything wrong with it in either MP or SP. So there is a possibility that people are exaggerating in this case too.

I beg gamers PLEASE just THINK before you say anything. ND has explained way the controls feel the way they do. PLEASE do not make extreme complaints and unbalance the game like you did with UC2 or with the UC3 MP. Many people complained too and unbalanced the game. Maybe you just need to adjust to the controls. I am not saying don't complain but watch what you say. You could make it worse rather then better.

floetry1012271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@smashcrash, We aren't making it worse by pointing out strange design decisions, we're making it better. Naughty Dog is by all accounts an amazing development team, but it doesn't mean they aren't free from some constructive criticism. The shooting in '3' is evidently a step back from Uncharted 2. Many have complained about it for good reason. It's not nearly as fun or precise. I can adjust it all I want, but the fact of the matter is, these dead zones are stiff. You tell good developers about these issues to perfect their games. Don't suck it up like everything they give you is an instant masterwork.

smashcrashbash2270d ago

That is not what I'm saying if you had actually read my post. Remember when everyone 'critised' the mechanics of UC3 MP saying its slow and no fun then when ND changed it they wanted the other way back? My point is no one understood or tried to understand why they did what they did and only when they changed it you saw why it was the way it was. Same with UC2 MP. Everyone criticised so many things and it was only until after the game was unbalanced you realised the original way was better.

So as I said in my post, I am not saying not to complain but to be careful what you ask for. The 'fix' might make everything worse rather then better. Everyone is always ready to demand things without thought or realisation of what they are asking for. Listen to what ND is saying before you run amuck or we will be back here complaining again after the patch.

Zynga2270d ago

How is complaining about demanding a patch by making the controls better on the SP going to make the game terrible. Are you serious now because nobody is complaining about the MP just the controls on the SP. So you have no right to tell ppl what not to do.

smashcrashbash2270d ago

@ Zynga. God, its like talking to four year olds. How do you know it will make it better? Everyone thought that changing the UC3 MP would make it better and it didn't. I was referencing to the MP to prove a point that people sometime complain and have no idea what they are talking about or the other problems they might cause.

Are you not listening? I am not telling anyone what to do, I am asking to try to understand what ND is trying to say before you jump to conclusions. You know what, just forget I said anything.You and everyone else on N4G,as usual don't listen and just talk. just do what you want.Idiots.