The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 130 screenshots from Xbox 360 version

TES V: Skyrim - 130 screens from X360 version

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tocrazed4you2450d ago

My eyes... They are dieing from envy...

WetN00dle692450d ago

lol, how so???
Man i cant wait to get this in my hands this coming Friday!!!!!

Balcrist2450d ago

I think you meen thursday night/friday morning...

tocrazed4you2450d ago

You look at all those wonderful screen shots and it doesn't make you envious that whoever is posting them is enjoying such a fantastic game while your here on n4g, staring at them!!!

boommuffin2450d ago

i think you mean next friday

TrevorPhillips2450d ago

I'm from Australia and game comes out 8 days :D

jony_dols2450d ago

Skyrim has been leaked on the internet for the 360 for the last 2 days.

More than likely this chump that posted the screenshots pirated the game.

NukaCola2450d ago

I would like to see some PC or PS3 footage.

WetN00dle692449d ago


No unfortunately ill have to wait till Friday morning at 10Am to get it.

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2450d ago
MasterCornholio2450d ago

I am worried about the PS3 version because I haven't seen any screenshots or footage of it yet. I have a feeling that it isn't going to be very good. I hope I am wrong.


ufo8mycat2450d ago

The PS3 version is going to be the exact same game as the 360 version. The graphics may not be as good, but it's gameplay that matters, not the graphics.

So what if the PS3 version won't look as good graphically, people who play the PS3 version are still playing the same game as 360 people.

RedDead2449d ago

Expect equal anyway, it depends on Bethesda really, 360 version was lead platform this time around, but OB on Ps3 was better

Kvouthe2448d ago

These are good shots, but did anybody else the werewolf confirmation shot? I think it was up only for a few hours, it showed a werewolf on a bluff above the player and I believe the text read something like yes i was hired to kill you and the wolf responded I can be a great asset to you and i promise to stay away from society, another picture included the ring of hircine in the inventory......Awesome

sohaben2448d ago

no i did not notice that.

sohaben2448d ago

I have a question, idk if it has been answered already. If you equip two spells, say a fire and a frost, by pressing them together, will they combine to be more powerful? I realize same spells will combine, but will different ones?