Loot Ninja's Conan (PS3) Review

Conan has been hero to many who grew up in the 80's for his brutality and way with the ladies. But this isn't Arnold here. How well does the character translate from the big screen to the digital realm? Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Conan for the PS3.

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fiercescuba3830d ago

Topless is good. Final boss battle is bad.

drunkpandas3830d ago

Yeah I think the topless thing will actually bite THQ in the rear... parents might not like that

Robotz Rule3830d ago

I just might give Conan a rent,it doesn't sound like a must buy game.

drunkpandas3830d ago

Definitely not a must buy. Rental would be good... you can get through it in a weekend if you wanted to

MK_Red3830d ago

The game is fun and rather enjoyable but rather short and nothing new.

Bathyj3830d ago

Theres actually a move called The Camel Punch.

Funniest moment in an Arnie Film when a drunk Barbarian lays out a camel with one punch.

KidMakeshift3830d ago

I was wondering why the game had a move called camel punch

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