Prisoner Crafts Wooden Final Fantasy Swords

Gaming Dead: "Some people just take cosplaying way too far.

I always thought that if I were to go to prison, I would spend my years writing epic sci-fi novels. An inmate from Monmouthshire, Wales, apparently chose a different hobby. He created a cosplayer’s wet dream collection of fake swords by gluing countless matchsticks together."

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TheBlackMask2329d ago

You now when I read this in The Sun I was thinking how long it would be untill it was up on N4G

I was like "Terriable...<prisoner are arseholes rant>" then at the end..."Is that a gunblade"

StraightPath2329d ago

that is pretty cool, i see he has hidden talent. Shame he had to ruin his life like that in the first place though.

hazelamy2329d ago

that guy's clearly got too much time on his, h... oh right. o_O