Older Ezio Is Better Than Your Favorite Athlete In New Teaser

Say what you will about aging assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, he could still run circles around the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson, UFC brawler BJ Penn and the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose.

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Drazz2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

He could easily take Tennessee Titan's RB Chris Johnson's spot..... BJ is a disgrace, they shoulda used Spider Silva or GSP.

ZBlacktt2269d ago

They should have used Bas Rutten or Randy Couture.

Drazz2269d ago

Both those dudes u named r old and retired....

Drazz2269d ago

The point of the commercial is to show that ezio being old, at his age, is better than young athletes in their prime. Using either of those dudes would not make sense. They r way past their prime. FYI ZBlacktt, PMing people to argue about a comment is what weirdos do...

moeqawama2269d ago

This is seriously the coolest commercial ever

RioKing2269d ago

Sorry, "Long,Live,Play" still takes the cake :)

ironfist922266d ago

I love how obscure it is. They should seriously litter this throughout TV, people will go WTF? What was the all about? I'll check it out online.

ZBlacktt2269d ago

Saw this the other night during the Monday night football game.

NoobJobz2269d ago

Cannot wait for this game. One of my favorite series

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