Is Catwoman Content Completely Contemptible?

"So Batman: Arkham City has been out for a short while now, and if any of you reading this are Gamefly customers, or rented the game from Blockbuster or Redbox, or got the game by any means other than purchasing a brand new copy, you may notice these Red Riddler trophies. You may also be wondering why, when you try to pick up these trophies, you get zapped." - JPS

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RXL2300d ago

after getting a dictionary out and finding out what the word contemptible, meant....i's confounding and weird..

Jdoki2300d ago

We don't really know the facts here, but I don't see a huge difference between WarnerBros selling Gamestop a bunch of DLC codes, or pushing the cost of the online pass to the end user who bought second hand. Either way WarnerBros profit, which is the whole intent of the scheme (i.e. make money from used sales).

I understand that devs/publishers hate the second hand market - but expecting a piece of the pie just because the technology allows is a bit wrong. I can't imagine a company like Ford would get away with the same behaviour (i.e. if you buy a used Ford, you have to pay the manufacturer a fee to get the petrol cap to open!!).

What I find far worse is that only a few weeks after release we're already being asked to stump up for DLC. I miss the days when players were rewarded with new characters etc for completing a game. I vote with my wallet on the Nightwing DLC - I'm not paying nearly 13% of the original purchase price for one new character (which going by the Catwoman DLC will not play all that differently from Batman) and little additional content to support it.