SNOW Announced; A snowboarding game powered by CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Poppermost Productions has just announced their first snowboarding game that will be powered by Crytek's game engine, CryEngine 3. SNOW is the first true freeride and freestyle game for skiers and snowboarders."

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Letros2113d ago

Hmm, actually looks pretty good.

chak_2113d ago

animations are bad, and the snow effect close to not existant.

I wonder where is the CE3 in there.

I'd like a good surf/ski game, but that one has a strange "feel"

GamerSciz2113d ago

@Chak I am with you man. Let's get a surfing game with CE3 engine water. That could really be fun and gorgeous.

Kurisu2113d ago

Sorry, this game doesn't have SSX in the title!

Letros2113d ago

Well it's a sim, not call of duty on snowboards.

StraightPath2113d ago

who remembers cool boarders?

JellyJelly2113d ago

The trailer looked awful.

john22113d ago

free-to-play and still in beta phase. You can't expect it to look like a triple-A game, although they will definitely polish it

GoldenPheasant2113d ago

I've been waiting for a boarding "sim" for ... well,ever. This looks to need MORE polish, and I think if it got that, plus a multiplat release, I'd pick it up without a second thought.

barb_wire2113d ago

What a poor teaser trailer.. game looks dull as dish water.

CaptainMarvelQ82113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

The environment is beautiful but the animation,as said above is bad.

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