CVG - Grand Theft Auto: Why I love it

CVG - November 1997: I'm playing Revolution X, an unspeakably bad on-rails shooter based on the dangerous lives of, erm, Aerosmith, as part of a feature about the worst games on the SNES. Turns out there's a lot of contenders.

After I'm done with that, I move on to the Spider-Man and Venom double-header Separation Anxiety, a little remembered (for good reason) side-scroller in the Final Fight mould. Day three, and my eyes are bleeding at the sight of Cutthroat Island, a game-of-the-film so bad it's like being groinpunched by Jesse Ventura. In all honesty, still being relatively new to games journalism, this isn't the brave new world I'd dreamed of stepping into, dazzled and delirious, while failing my French GCSE.

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imoutofthecontest2328d ago

The real reason is "because writing about it right after a sequel announcement is sure to reel in big hits." XD

ATi_Elite2327d ago

One word...............HOOKERS!!!

LakerGamerEnthusiast2327d ago

dude dont be hard on the guy, he states that he is relatively new to journalism and so your comment is not much encouraging, just saying its always good to have a great start to gaming journalism..

OT: this was a very good read IMO it comes to remind me of the great experiences I had with GTA since the almost very beginning and how I would go into long nights playing it on starting weekends after school week was over.. I'm really excited for what GTA V will bring and reveal :D