Should You Buy Gears of War 3’s Horde Command Pack? No

Kotaku - We already know that Gears of War 3 is a damn good game. It came with an exhaustive amount of multiplayer and single-player options out of the box, and now Epic has begun to release constant downloadable upgrades, starting now and running into 2012.

The first pack, called the "Horde Command Pack," offers three new maps for the game's popular Horde Mode. Two of them are brand-new, one is recycled from Gears 2. Additionally, there are four upgrades to Horde fortifications, three new multiplayer skins, and a couple of weapon skins, and it all costs 800MSP (or $10). It sound like a good chunk of content, but is it worth buying? Time for a gut-check.

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MasterD9192451d ago

I really hope they give the season passers more DLC because this little freebie is practically 1/4 of the pass...I want maps. Maps other people won't be getting for free. I didn't buy the season pass for mild differences in these packs.

There are also 2 more maps coming (Gears 1 remakes)- Swamp and Watchtower which will be have to wonder what the future DLC will be after RAAM's shadow...