TGR Review of Jeanne D'Arc 9/10

Thegamereviews to a look into Jeanne D'arc. Click the link to find out what they found.

"The game is well constructed, well animated, and above all, a fun and challenging experience for RPG fans everywhere."

Score: 9/10

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Shaka2K63915d ago

Jeanne D’Arc one of the best hand held games of all time, great Level 5 as long as they keep making the best RPGs i will keep of pre-ordering them, this and Rogue Galaxy best RPGs of the year.

Brian52473915d ago

Of 2007. Better than Mass Effect imo.

Darkiewonder3915d ago

I bought the game as one of the first game when I got my psp.
I wasn't a fan of Strat RPG but this game really made me enjoy it more and have a respect for the genre.

If your'e a fan of Level 5 or at least a fan of Strat RPG. definitely pick this up. the cutscenes are real good and brings the story together.

AllroundGamer3915d ago

i found Disgaea a bit better, but Jean was great too