BF3 vs MW3 Holiday Battle: Will Back To Karkand DLC Be Enough For Players?

Pinoytutorial: An interview with EA's Patrick Soderlund shows how the company prepares for Battlefield during the holiday season through its DLC pack. However, is it enough to contain the Modern Warfare 3 train?

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Hufandpuf2446d ago

Yes, Karkand and Wake Island . What more do I need to say? Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Pennensula. If that doesn't blow your mind...

Saleem1012446d ago

Call of duty is better game point blank period...

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Dart892446d ago

Can you prove it??If no kindly STFU thank you come again:D.

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DasBunker2446d ago

they said it will have more destruction.. it better have!

lykaice2446d ago

Yes, although there's still no proof for this one. For me, Dinosaurs is the way to go!

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The story is too old to be commented.