Wii vs. Xbox vs. PS3: The Holiday Horse Race

Walaika Haskins reports for TechNewsWorld - 11/21/07

"Holiday insanity is on the horizon, and it's a season that will cap off a big year for the video game industry. Wii is the system everyone wants but nobody can find. The PlayStation 3 is tops with tech, bottoms with game selection. The Xbox 360 may have it best -- a large stable of titles, apparently ample supply, and a new package that edges close to the Wii's price point."

TechNewsWorld reports the prospects of the three new consoles going into the holiday season.

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Mr Marbles3951d ago

Im not so sure the 360 is meeting supply demands very well.
The premium 360 is sold out at almost all the Bestbuys and Circuit Cities in my area(southeast Wisconsin, Brew city)

MS better get supplies in those stores ASAP, because if folks can't get the 360s they want they will just turn to PS3s, and they are in ample supply.

wiizy3951d ago

horse race uh...maybe between 360 and ps3 ..cause wii is already double lapping them both.

Shaka2K63951d ago

And the game of the year Uncharted.

and the games ystem that wont become unless in the next year like xbug 360 and wii ok the wii is already useless POS and never was taken seriously stupid gimmick LOL!!!!

CrazzyMan3950d ago

i mean, ofcourse, it`s only mattter of time, when PS3 will start dominate, actually, matter of MGS4, GT5, LBP, FFXIII, KZ2 and etc.

but what point now to be so offensive? =)
people will chose by their taste.

TheMART3950d ago

I wouldn't be so sure about that domination. Every game that you name, the competition has a strong one lined up also:

MGS4 - Splinter Cell: Conviction
GT5 - Forza 3 (I expect the game Christmas 2008, or early 2009)
KZ2 - Gears of War 2
FFXIII - The Last Remnant/Lost Odyssey

And MGS4 and FFXIII still could come to the 360. Both 3rd party company's, both need to get their investment back, both have shareholders that want to maximize profits, Sony haven't paid them off.
LBP might be the only game hard to match. But if someone would decide to buy a more expensive gameconsole over it...

Plus you forgot to mention the 360 has some big guns and new IP's out there for 2008.

This Christmas the 360 will outsell the PS3 2:1 maybe 3:1. Next year depends on the prices then and if PS3 software isn't delayed... Again

CrazzyMan3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Mart, just try to compare sales of those xbox games, and you will understand, that they are no match to playstation.

only KZ2 probably will sell on pair with geow or a little better, other games just will crush those on x360.

about coming, in some 2009-2010?
it`s like with bioshock, IF those games will come to x360, they won`t be ACTUAL, like Lost Planet.
And don`t even HOPE to get announce atleast in 3 month after those games will be released on PS3.

x360 don`t have Big guns in 2008, blue dragon failed in usa, lo probably will do a little better.
even if GTA4 will sell 2 mln. on x360 and 1 mln on ps3, it won`t change anything.
All those games, which come to x360, about them care ONLY x360 owners and M$ folowers.
And btw, if you expect Geow2 in 2008, why there is no HYPE about that game? because geow, mgs4, ffxiii, kz2, were hyped since 2005. Even halo3 in 2006. But now hype for geow 2 in 2007. That really strange.

There is NO future for x360, as soon as average PC will outperform x360. And i presume, this will happen by the end of 2008 or 1st part 2009. You can stay in Denial, but you know, that i have logic in my words. As long, as x360 letting games to go on PC, it will be less attractive to final consumer, somewhere in 2008-2009.

Danja3951d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

ok the P3 will sell well this holiday..but I think it and the 360 will prbably ending in a tie..for overall sales.....(this holiday)..the PS3 will outsell the 360 in the long run...

im out b4 I get flamed for beign biased..!!

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