Hard Reset Patch 1.2 Released; Adds Survival Mode & Nvidia 3D Vision Support

DSOGaming writes: "Flying Wild Hog has finally released the highly anticipated 1.2 patch for their old-school, sci-fi cyber-punk FPS, Hard Reset. This patch adds a Survival mode to the game that includes two new maps: ‘Arrival Hall’ and ‘Landing Pad’. In addition, this new update adds support for multiple displays and Nvidia’s 3D Vision and Surround. That’s right Nvidia gamers. You can now enjoy this bad boy in glorious 3D."

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dirthurts2453d ago

I still need to buy this game. What am I doing???

polorsport2453d ago

This game is fucking AWESOME!!! I won't lie I downloaded it from a torrent site, beat two levels and liked it so much I had to buy it. That was before there was full 3D support. Now there is no reason not to buy it. To me it's like playing a fast paced shooter in blade runner setting. I'm only playing on hard, and its a really good challenge without being to cheap.