Gamers Face an Electronic Feast as PS3, Wii, and 360, "are evolving" writes:

"Electronic game console manufacturers are hoping sales records will tumble in the lead-up to Christmas, after solid figures in 2007.

Sony recently announced that PlayStation 3 (PS3) passed 100,000 sales in Australia in eight months, quicker than its highly successful predecessor PlayStation 2. Its success will bring a smile to the backers of Blu-Ray - one of two high definition DVD formats currently in the market.

Nintento's Wii also recently passed a milestone with 200,000 sales in only 50 weeks, causing the games manufacturer to declare it "the fastest selling console". Riding high on the success of Halo 3, Microsoft recently unveiled a slimmed down Xbox 360 to compete with Nintendo's Wii games console".

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wiizy3956d ago

not much of a feast...wii is eating up the competition..cause its fresh and exciting