FraggedNation Battlefield 3 Review

If you are looking for an intense online experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more, Battlefield 3 has you covered.

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xxxAnubisxxx2360d ago

I really think that FPS games SHOULD keep their focus on multiplayer. I've never liked a single player campaign on ANY FPS... Except Halo, maybe.

DBLDeathDealer2360d ago

Totally disagree. The singleplayer is an important aspect of all games. It leads you into the Multiplayer. The problem with gamers these days is that they could care less about the plot, they just want to shoot someone in the face with a shotgun. Play a real game, Mario FTW!

CraigAA10282360d ago

The multiplayer in a shooter is what keeps you coming back sure, but the game must be looked at as a whole package. Plenty of shooters manage to have a strong single and multiplayer experience, so when one fails in one of those areas, it has to be addressed.

ddurand12360d ago

this is why I wish they could sell the two separately. I NEVER play the campaign anyway.

CraigAA10282360d ago

I doubt that would ever happen. They make more money selling the whole package for full price then splitting up features for cheaper. Everyone would just buy the multiplayer part then.