What next-gen games should really be

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"We've already seen great games as the Microsoft Xbox 360 hits two years while the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii reach their first birthdays. Gamers have enjoyed countless titles, especially those who grabbed consoles during launch, but how can we say if those games are next-gen? It wouldn't be fair to say games haven't improved since the last generation, but some arguably don't step up much aside from having better graphics.

Fanboys talk about specs of their machines or what their consoles can do. But what is there that separates the new from old? Is it the surround sound audio? Online capabilites? Motion sensing controllers? With so many questions, we can at least be certain that game design plays a major role."

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Shaka2K63887d ago

The wii owners have been bored to dead beacuase they have a useless POS with no games.
the xbois playing more of the same crap, kill alien here shoot there blah blah.

PS3 the best real next experience Warhakw,Resistace,MotorStorm ect.
Real next gen. games Lair,Folklore,R&C,HS,Folkl ore ect.
Real next gen. innovative games like Calling all Cars,Fl0w,EyeToy on the PS3 EOJ ect.

PS3 is the best.

WIIIS13887d ago

You lose credibility when you cite Lair and Folklore as games to be proud of as a PS3 owner.

AngryTypingGuy3887d ago

BS3, great comment, and so true. He's obviously not played Mass Effect yet or any other game this year.

nast9993887d ago

you are correct about the no games on wii thing and the ones that ar eout are shockers apart the obvious ones - and they could've come out on gamecube with barely any difference. i dont know what the word is when you release a console thats actually a step back in time. i know what i'd like to call it - a friggin rip off - thats why the price was so low it had to be to keep us from burning their offices down.

Surviver3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

have to disagree with you mr flame bait. Was bioshock not next gen? Gears? oblivion? skate (multi) ? ( and lots of multi plat games) anywhow f*ck off

ps3 has next gen games
360 has next gen games

deal with it.

PimpHandHappy3887d ago

i found that to be alot of fun in RFOM

but yea

im real happy with the lineup PS3 has had in its first year. Warhawk and Uncharted alone are the two best games i have played this year

lawman11083887d ago

That game you just can not stop playing online

killer_trap3887d ago

i'm sure this will be a flame war in no time.

as for next gen games. honestly I'm really disappointed until now. i don't know why but i was expecting more than different variations of the fps genre. and those over hyped reviews this year were truly astonishing.

why even the great mario game which i liked the most didn't give me the feeling of mario64. and bioshock was great but i was more shocked during my first experience with the original resident evil game for ps1. and as much as i like uncharted i'd rather play shadow of the colossus any time of the week. there is no game up until now that defined this generation of hardware to me.

ohh well i'm sure metal gear will change that soon.

Korosuke3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

It will blow your mind and make you re-think what the next-gen is

killer_trap3887d ago

hahahah...that was so funny i even laughed in a new next gen way(which wasn't impressive by the way).

oh and here's a bubble for your trouble

lawman11083887d ago

Sony built a BR player 1st and a game system second and they are paying the price.

Korosuke3887d ago

I can't get your point.
Do you want to imply that many PS3 remains unsold ?

My previous comment doesn't stand for specific console and doesn't despise specific console.
Just joke thing for fun. If you don't like it, just ignore it.

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