Santa Claus Better Stock up on Skylanders (Review COIN-OP TV)

We had a chance to interview the developers of both the console version (Toys for Bob) and also the developers of the Nintendo 3DS version (Vicarious Visions) – both videos and trailers for the game were met with mixed feelings. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is out now for multiple platforms and hand-helds. Most of our time spent pre-release on the game was for the Nintendo Wii but this time around I had the Xbox 360 version in hand with about 6 Skylander toys at my disposal.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is a platformer game with co-op abilities and tons of bad guys and adventuring. The game uses an interface called the ‘Portal of Power’ to allow you to switch characters during gameplay by simply setting a new figurine onto the portal. Each character contains unique abilities and personalities as well as special abilities. For instance, Trigger Happy is a technology specialist and is powered up when used in specific areas (as shown by an on-screen icon) while Gill Grunt is a water creature who can get into certain areas that land creatures cannot. The ability to jump in and jump out with a friend works well and using the ‘Portal of Power’ to swap characters is simple and quick — all things important for the targeted gaming youth.


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