San Andreas, oh how I've missed you!

There might not be a gamer on the planet that is as happy as me that Grand Theft Auto V will be taking place in San Andreas, easily the most diverse environment we've seen in a GTA game. MMGN certainly took it a bit too far in analysing the game logo's "V", suggesting the game would be set in 60s Los Angeles. Most of you got in wrong in voting for "Somewhere else" in our poll. Thankfully we were all wrong, because this author is over the moon with joy at the prospect of returning to sunny San Andreas.

There's a reason why this author loves San Andreas so much. Liberty City -- both the GTA IV and GTA III versions -- is a fantastic, lively city, and a perfect virtual representation of New York City. Vice City was memorable and accessible, a perfect ode to the multicultural haven that is Miami.

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Trainz2451d ago

I missed san andreas because of everything.
There wasn't a single thing in that game I didn't think was awesome.
Its one of the few games I ever gave a 10 but I stopped reviewing 2 years ago.
What I miss more than anything is the countryside with all its myths and rumours and the radio station.

360ICE2451d ago

Because of everything?

Me-Time2451d ago

San Andreas had everything that the rest of the GTA's didn't have. There was so much freedom. Although GTA4 was my favorite, I felt restricted playing it. A lot of it is about the little things. The map size and scale of SA was great.

barb_wire2451d ago

I believed the 'Bigfoot' rumors.. spent days driving/walking around trying to find it.

Pikajew2451d ago

I don't miss SA, because I still can play it. People make like they can never play it again. It's 10$ on Steam. And I recently messaged Rockstar that there should be a patch to allow you to climb ladders