Top 5 Things NOT To Do In Battlefield 3

"After logging many hours in Battlefield 3, dumping a bevy of munitions on other player's heads and generally being a damn prick to the gen pop of players, I have come to one conclusion: There are a lot of maggots out there that play like this is a run-and-gun shooter (*cough*call of duty*cough*)."

~ David Carlon, Game Revolution

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doctorstrange2306d ago

Now we just need to get other BF3 players to read it.

dbjj120882306d ago

So true. I'm loving Battlefield 3... when my team works together.

iamnsuperman2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

The problem with these "things not to do is" you really can't tell them to do that. Its a problem with the class based shooter multiplayer games. In a way I think class based gaming is going the way of the Dodo because everyone out there is out for themselves. Working together is not happening any more. Not may people want to take a step back and have a support role. They would rather jump in rambo style, with a knife in their teeth and rocket strapped to their backs. Team based multiplayer shooters only work when people work together but the FPS genre has changed a lot. So much so team based shooters are taken a back seat because the people who play it (especially in big games like BF3) do not play it as it was intended.

stormeagle62306d ago

There's always gonna be noobs out there.

SKUD2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

If you TK by accident just take a moment and type "sry". That way you wont look like a total jerk and actually encourage other players on your team to TK you thus, ruining the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.