Game of the Year Candidates

As another year comes to a close, the gamer has been forunate in 2011 to have a lot of top notch and quality games to choose from. As much as there is coming out currently, a lot of candidates came out earlier this year that many have forgotten about due to these mass new releases. I have conspired my list of Game of the Year candidates for 2011.

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Relientk772454d ago

My top 4 choices for GOTY are:

Uncharted 3
Batman: Arkham City
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

deus_ex2453d ago

1. Portal 2
2. Arkham City
3. Uncharted 3
4. Skyrim (Unless it disappoints)
5. Skyward Sword
6. The Old Republic (Unless it disappoints)

Chuk52454d ago

Toss Portal 2 in there an I 100% agree.

Tachyon_Nova2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

My choices would probably be a little bit off the norm, although I must admit I havent even played 5 of these games yet. These below are in order more or less.

Crysis 2
Modern Warfare 3*
L.A. Noire
Assassin's Creed: Revelations*
Red Faction: Armageddon
Infamous 2
Saint Row 3*
DiRT 3
Uncharted 3*
Batman Arkham City*

* Denotes game I haven't played yet

Fishy Fingers2453d ago

For me (so far), it's single player: Batman AC and multiplayer: BF3.

Pretty standard choices I guess. But hey, those are the ones I've (currently) enjoyed the most.

MasterCornholio2453d ago

For me it will be a fierce battle between Batman and Skyrim. Uncharted deserves it but it will not get it because the last one won tons of GOTY awards.


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The story is too old to be commented.