Grand Theft Auto V Sales Predictions

Grand Theft Auto IV smashed gaming sales records when it launched in 2008. According to U.S. retail tracking firm NPD, GTA IV sold nearly 3 million copies in its debut month in just five days, making it the fastest-selling game in history during that period. All told, Take-Two says it has shipped over 22 million copies of GTA IV since launch and the entire franchise has moved 114 million units since its 1997 debut.

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MultiConsoleGamer2395d ago

GTA IV shipped 22 million. GTA V will do between 15 and 18 million, possibly less.

Two reasons. The franchise has been tarnished, and the current hardware generation is about to end in a year.

Fishy Fingers2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Tarnished how? If you mean a bit of bad interent press, just take notice of how that effects another little known title, COD.

Nearing the end of a console gen, you mean when install bases are peaking? The game will be out well before "next-gen" so I dont see anything but positives for GTA V there.

TheFallenAngel2395d ago

No GTA IV was a huge disappointment but this looks way better than GTA IV. It will sell more trust me.

b163o12395d ago

It really was a big step back from SanAndreas, as far as gameplay. If they remade SanAndreas using the RAGE engine, kind of like SE is using the FFXIII Engine to remake FFX. It would sell more the V IMO.......

Thatguy-3102395d ago

I think rockstar took way to long to release a new GTA...I for one think that GTA V won't be the mammoth in sales like everybody predicts. GTA was a monster last gen this Gen really belongs to COD when it comes to sells.

StraightPath2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Hmmm you from the future predicting the sales of GTA V?

" For the first time ever I wasn't impressed with a GTA trailer. "

why on earth you keep visiting GTA 5 articles then?

@ Fishy Fingers

thanks for slapping Multi Console Gamer lol

Sugreev20012395d ago

Your opinion is not universal,my friend.GTA IV was loved by many many more people than the ones it left disappointed.Hence,the series is far from tarnished.

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CaptainMarvelQ82395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

So we are predicting sales now?
Why would this be directed at us? GAMERS not businessmen.

ps3deo2395d ago

GTA V will break records. I'm thinking 30 million, because anticipation has been extremely high for it. People forget how big of a game it is. I think this is the official GTA V fan site by rockstar. They have new screenshots of the game posted!! i cant wait until it comes out!