Photos From the Set of Noobz, a Videogame Movie dropped by the set of Noobz, a videogame movie starring Jason Mewes and Zelda Williams. The movie is about the world of competitive gaming, focusing on a group of friends with a dream to compete in a big tournament. The day's set was the finals of a tournament featuring Gears of War 3. The site also snapped some photos with Mewes and director Blake Freeman.

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Pikajew2420d ago

They want to embarrass games with this

rpad2420d ago

The director is into shooters and respects game designers. I think it's cool because it celebrates competitive gaming. I think it's a huge step up from The Wizard.

LettingGo2420d ago

Birdemic is a step up from The Wizard.

This movie looks absolutely cringe-worthy.

LettingGo2420d ago

This is fake, right?


rpad2420d ago

Nope. It's real. They had a green room and everything. More seriously, I'll give anything with Jason Mewes a look. Zelda Williams and India Van Dien are cute. I'm not expecting an Oscar winner or anything, but it could be a fun movie that portrays gaming positively.