Hackers Swap Sonic Generations’ Classic and Modern Levels

Longtime Sonic fans are looking forward to Sonic Generations finally breaking the Sonic Cycle, showing how SEGA’s mascot has evolved. With carefully crafted levels specially designed for the two different generations of the hedgehog, everything is perfectly planned. That is, until hackers swapped the classic Sonic with the modern one, creating an entirely different play experience for an entirely different generation.

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360ICE2272d ago

Hackers are genius! They help the world become a better place by saving us from evil corporations and by giving us free games and cool stuff. Shit I know my apartment would've been stolen by coca cola company or some other powerful shit had it not been for the awesomeness that is hackers.

In fact, here is a poem I've written about the hackers.

Hackers, you are totally cool
Hackers, you are super hardcore
I appreciate that you've dropped out of school
So I can jailbreak my iPhone 4.