THQ not worried by Grand Theft Auto 5

THQ isn't worried that today's Grand Theft Auto 5 reveal will diminish excitement for its own open world crime effort, Saints Row: The Third.

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360ICE2423d ago

Saints Row kicks ass.
First it's all like "Yo dawg. Cap that shit"
Then it's like "BAM BAM BAM"
BOOM! And I go like "What I did just there was pretty sweet."
Then I turn on some cheats and I'm like "Gravity. You're my bitch." and "You dead"
That game is so rad.

BakedGoods2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I can't tell if you're serious or not.

Saints Row sucks. Or at the very least, is a totally different game from GTA.

BattleAxe2423d ago Show
ChickeyCantor2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )


By your logic everyone with an I.Q below that of a monkey plays GTA as well.

It's best you check your I.Q before you make an I.Q. remark...

Laughable crowd.

rezzah2423d ago

If that's true then it sounds like a lame and immature rip-off of GTA.

Nothing can overcome the might of GTAAAAAAAAAA

MrBeatdown2423d ago

Then it's all like "Bam! I just killed by a guy swinging a giant purple wang!"

DigitalRaptor2423d ago

Of course they're not. SR3 is coming out this month, long before GTA V. Saints Row has established itself as an awesome series. The comparisons to GTA will always be there, but both series are quality!

vickers5002423d ago

Both series are awesome. I just hope GTA5 goes back to its roots (Vice City/San Andreas/GTA3), GTA4 was pretty boring and a disappointment to me personally.

HaHa_Ostrich2423d ago

I hear you, IV was gritty and serious and I liked that, but after a while it felt like a missed opportunity. With all the new physics and graphics I wanted to see whats it capable of. Thankfuly the gay Tony saved it in the end.

9thWonder2423d ago

whats there to worry about all the trailer showed was how the game would look like plus SR3 has alot of time to settle in GTA5 wont be out until late next year

TheDivine2423d ago

Might help actually. The gta5 trailer has people excited for gta and with a new awesome looking gta-style game dropping it might get people to buy it. SR3 can scratch the gta itch for people.

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The story is too old to be commented.