Is This The First Copy of Modern Warfare 3 Ever Sold?

A reader writes in to tell us that the Kmart in Tampa, Florida sold him a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the PS3 early. Is it real? Only Ryfael knows. If it is, Ryfael, let us know how the game is.

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360ICE2453d ago

Does Barack Obama have an American birth certificate?
We need to ask these questions.

beastman142452d ago

I already have it for 360.
I just saw this video that was a wtf scene similar to the airport scene in mw2.
Here is the video, but it contains spoiler after the scene. The uploaded pause it so you can leave if you want.
Watch at your own risk.

SOD_Delta2452d ago

I wonder if IW will get a lot of heat for that vid you linked. Thx for the link BTW

L6RD7BLU32452d ago

They really made an article about this. *sigh*

Montrealien2452d ago

bad article by people that only know the internet side of the gaming industry. As we speak, millions of copies of MW3 are sitting in stores across North America waiting for the 8th.

knifefight2452d ago

Big news this really changes my whole day.