Double XP During MW3's Release via Mountain Dew Contest (Trailer & Full Details)

Update: Mountain Dew in partnership with Activision and DICE have rolled out a trailer showcasing a contest letting players earn points, which can be redeemed for Double XP or other in-game weapons, perks, items, which you can use shortly after MW3's release next week.

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RioKing2329d ago

What does DICE have to do with this?

ginsunuva2329d ago

Lol someone made typo.

Anyways, I can't wait for people to become even fatter eating mt dew and doritos while playing cod all day for more "xp." It's not experience if you don't even earn it lol.

And what's the point in playing for xp? Aren't you supposed to play a game because it's fun, not for more imaginary digits. Cod is only fun for those who have fun watching xp and k/d numbers go up, not for playing. The enjoyment comes out of seeing numbers pop up.