Things I Ate in Skyrim

Killscreendaily: I found a small wooden shack near Half-Moon Mill. Inside was a makeshift abattoir with a freshly butchered cattle and some venison arranged on the workbench. A couple of pieces of gore appeared to have been kicked under the bench. Two rabbits hung from hooks. And in the corner, by a bale of hay, rested an enormous troll skull. Outside a chicken clucked, shuffling through the dust. I took to my knee, drew my bow, and put an arrow through it.

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360ICE2395d ago

Just show me the skooma

NukaCola2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I love that every bit of food in the game is rendered in lush detail and each piece of food is different. No two meats or herbs look the same. The amount of detail that goes into every little thing in Skyrim is just amazing. And as always the fact you can look at ever single item, food, weapon, etc in the game in the full 3D mode is such a work of mastery.

Julie2394d ago

Good fun read ty for to share :)