Skyrim live stream: Watch before 11.11.11 if you dare

Product Reviews: We just knew this was coming, and probably so did Bethesda. It looks like a collection of Skyrim live streams are now circulating on the internet, as naughty individuals perhaps put their review copies up online for all to see. Either that, or some users are getting copies extremely early ahead of the intended 11.11.11 launch date.

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MajorJackHoff2268d ago

I won't watch it because that would spoil the game, but please describe every detail to me in text.

Dac2u2267d ago

I don't get it, I purposely avoid all screenshots, videos and general info for games I know I'll be purchasing.

BullCrap2267d ago

stream is horrid. and dont do that upgrade trick. its not an upgrade its ad ware. just hit that little x on the upper left.

FanBoyismShouldDie2267d ago

also a live stream at: if anyone wants to check it out

Jerome_Dovahkiing_52267d ago

i refuse to watch it
i have to much respect for bethesda

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