Is Dragon's Dogma Trying to Be Skyrim or Monster Hunter?

Gamepro: Capcom has taken a peculiar approach to showing off Dragon's Dogma, their upcoming RPG. They talk at length about it being an open world RPG, but they never actually show the open world part. For the most part, all of the demos have revolved around long, drawn out battles against various monsters.

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Optical_Matrix2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

So you haven't seen the footage from TGS I think it was which shows a huge town as well as a huge expanse of land thats fully explorable, monsters and all? If trying to be Elder Scrolls means miles of boring cut and paste grassy expanses devoid of any character then I damn well hope thats not what Dragons Dogma is trying to be. And I can assure you, its not. The combat already looks a lot better than Elder Scrolls: Floprim

RememberThe3572451d ago

I'm looking forward Dragon's Dogma, but your hatred for Skyrim makes no sense. What about Skyrim are you trying to hate? IMO both games look dope. But I guess some people need to be haters, right? For my part, Capcom has been a huge let down this generation, but this game looks like the best thing they've put out all gen.

lMHl2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I dont like you.
skyrim will be differnt everywhere you look they said that everything is differnt plus it has dragons and random events to make it fun

P.S zelda is stupid

TheGameFoxJTV2449d ago

Yes, skyrim will be great, but you just insulted Zelda, and for that, YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!

Laxman2451d ago

"Elder Scrolls: Floprim"

Haha, what?

jc485732452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I rather play this or Dark Souls than Skyrim.

Starfox8112452d ago

Having played it at Gamescom it definitely feels more like Monster Hunter. It plays out like an amalgamation of that and Demon's/Dark Souls. Its good fun, reasonable difficulty but it has a massive open world which is amazing to explore. Essentially its what Monster Hunter was missing really. It didn't have much charm though, nothing like MH's Japanese quirks.

rezzah2451d ago

MH isn't missing anything...

It has been fine since the PS2 days, just a game you either love or hate. No in between on what it should or shouldn't be.

Starfox8112451d ago

I love MH but the open worlds is what its missing, if it was seamless from area to area it would only improve the title, it certainly wouldn't make it any worse. A world totally seamless with no loading screens except for when going out on a hunt from the hunters lodge.

rezzah2451d ago

True about the open world, I wonder how they will pull it off if they ever do.

At least this game can give us a taste of that possibility.

Drazz2451d ago

I'll take Skyrim over any Jrpg anyday, accept FVII....

jc485732451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

pfff... whatever. Dragon's Dogma is not even trying to be jrpg.

TheColbertinator2451d ago

If Dragon's Dogma is anything like Skyrim or Monster Hunter then I'm sold.I love both franchises for very different reasons.

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