Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception: Best Videogame This Console Generation (Review) -

"Known to push the PS3 to its absolute limits, Uncharted is one of, if not the most, remarkable franchises to commence this console generation. Naughty Dog’s 2009 release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, exclusively on the PlayStation 3, defined the power of the console and remains as a benchmark not only for third-person shooters, but gaming as a whole."

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tmanmushroom2395d ago

I absolutely love the uncharted series. Great review nick!

Relientk772395d ago

There is no reason why you should not pick up Uncharted 3, if you own a PS3

Bathyj2395d ago

There is no reason why you should not pick up a PS3 and Uncharted if you dont own one and are a gamer.

Bathyj2395d ago

Well we got disagrees so obviously someone can still think of a reason, but I'll be damned if I can.
You can get a bundle for $300, how is that not a great deal.

My best guess is hate.
Hate leads to the bored side dude, let it go.

mcstorm2395d ago

I agree with you and im gutted im not going to get this game until next year as there are far too many games out before the end of the year for me to fit this in but it is a must by game for any gamer.

Nick2120042395d ago

Throughout the entire singleplayer, I failed to find a dull moment. Naughty Dog outdid themselves again!

miyamoto2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Its official, Nathan Drake is the New King and Champion of Platform Games. A treasure hunter not a plumber or a spiky rodent. :) but I am getting Sonic Generations still.

I think one of the reasons many gaming blog sites don't give Uncharted 3 a perfect score is they are afraid of losing many of their 360/Wii loyal visitors or vice versa. If that's the case, I praise all the honest and brave game bloggers who express their true opinions.

YodaCracker2395d ago

Best video game this console generation and not a 10? Hmm...

StrongMan2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Agreed Nick.

EDIT: So the disagree-er thinks I don't agree with Nick?

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The story is too old to be commented.