Mists of Pandaria: Several Steps in the Right Direction - Editorial - The Armchair Empire

"Personally, I can take or leave the pandas. They're cute and all, and I'm sure I'll roll a monk if only because they have a healing spec, and I make a point of playing all of the healers to a decent level of proficiency. Nonetheless, they don't knock my socks off or anything. I quite like their aesthetic, and the new zones that will be expanding on that look very good from what little we've been shown of them thus far. I don't see where all of the hostility came from by certain elements of the WoW community, saying these pandas were a slap in the face to the "serious fantasy" of this game, and that they were too childish. I know some WoW players will complain about anything, but what game have these people been playing these last seven years?"

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