Grand Theft Auto V: 12 things we can learn from the trailer

GamesRadar writes: "Rockstar Games is a company that (with one notable exception) isn't known for doing anything by accident. Every screenshot it releases is meticulously posed for maximum coolness, every trickle of information is tightly controlled, and every background detail in its games is significant. So when the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V launched this morning, it wasn't just an opportunity to see a cool upcoming game; it was a chance to pore over every shot and guess at what hidden meanings Rockstar might be hinting at by selecting that specific footage. And as Rockstar trailers go, this one's a treasure trove of visual information."

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YodaCracker2391d ago

I couldn't have asked for a better trailer.

NEW-AGE2391d ago

Can i Have A trailor with a stove and a nice cumfy Bed and A Big Beer Frezzer and a Disco Ball and A Gun Rack , and a 63 Inch 1080p OLED Plasma, 4D

BrightFalls762390d ago

The only thing that I learned from the trailer is that it looks as boring as every other game since GTAIII in the series.