Should Singleplayer and Multiplayer Be Reviewed Separately?

Nerds on the Rocks takes a look at the idea of separating reviews of the single player and multiplayer component of a game. With recent games like Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3, does the review give the full picture?

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Huwmor2363d ago

Personally, I'm all for this idea. A seperate score for single-player, multiplayer and then a score for what the reviewer thinks of how the whole package ties together. Count me onboard

Pikajew2363d ago

That what I was thinking.

mike_d_2363d ago

I've always thought this for years.It's nice to see other people feel the same way.

Perjoss2363d ago

Many sites already review multi and single player separately.

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cpayne932363d ago

This is somewhat off topic, but I think it would be interesting if in some games you could buy the different components seperately.I'm not getting MW3, but if they sold the local multiplayer seperately online for a cheap price, I might buy it. Besides, there are plenty of people who only play online in games like cod and bf.

papashango2363d ago

Why world they do that when 20 million people bought blackops and probably only a quarter did the sp.

cpayne932363d ago

True they would lose money that way. The people like myself who would buy wouldn't be enough to profit from doing that. Oh well, I sure wish it could happen...

iamnsuperman2363d ago

The big problem I see is these reviews are less analytical and more about the general opinion. I do not want to read a review about someone's opinion but a less bias, more objective view of a game which, sadly, few publications achieve.

On the topic in question a different score is a good idea. Some games fall for one aspect which some reviews ignore because the aspect they like is excellent. It also gives a clearer picture for people buying the game.

Basically the review system in general is flawed. Too much opinion not enough analytical view on things.

GameTavern2363d ago

How do you suppose an "objective" video game review would work exactly?

I mean even within the category of things like graphics and game play, opinions will vary.

So its not like you can say.. the shooting is a 5/10.. because what's the baseline for the shooting?

Or graphics? What do you say is a 10/10 in graphics and a 1/10... do you put more value into the technical achievement or the artistic... do you combine then.. then artistic I feel is slightly more subjective...

And it becomes a mess

dragon822363d ago

I agree 100% with this comment ^^^^^

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