Predictions: Game of the Year

Game of the Year. It's a title that many a game developer covet for their own brainchild - and with today's video gaming community not as easily amused or impressed as it was a few generations back, it's harder than ever to even have your own creation be considered for this prestigious award. After all, should your game even be nominated for such an honor, it pretty much means that you're doing something right, and your title has caught the attention of not only its target demographic but also of the entire video game community's (or at least, a goodly-sized chunk of it).

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LSDARBY3920d ago

I definatley think Uncharted should come above Heavenly Sword even though HS was on of the best games ive ever played.

MK_Red3920d ago

I also think so but overall, the article is about prediction what will happen instead of what should happen.
There is not way that in a fair world Halo 3 could get GOTY for 360. BioShock, Mass Effect and COD4 (+ AC IMO) are far more deserving.
And in case of PC, BioShock and Orange Box are more deserving.

BUT, Halo 3 has the effect on 360 users while Crysis has that on PC users.
The only illogical choice of article is Heavenly Sword which I don't think has any chance. Uncharted has both the effect on PS3 users and also deserves it. Ratchet is also a worthy game and lets not forget about UT3.

jjfunaz3919d ago

I think you need to play more games if you think HS is one of the best ever made. Its a decent game but nothing long term.


Halo3, while I know your not a fan, did some revolutionary things in terms of mutliplayer. Features that they added with this iteration are truly next gen features that couldn't be done before and haven't been done since (yet). While overall the game was very similar to the previous versions it was a solid game with a huge fanbase that pushed technological boundries.

Uncharted probably deserves to be considered for GOTY, definately above HS, and its a shame thats it not. However Ratchet and Clank in no way should be considered GOTY. Its a less complete game then its predessors.

While I agree too much emphasis is being put on the need of multiplayer in a game, the problem with Ratchet and Clank is that the previous games had multiplayer. The new game on a new system should have everything the previous versions had and then some. This is not the case with R&C, although I presume that the next game will have multiplayer and probably get rated even higher then tools of destruction.

COD4 is an amazing looking game, that also did some nice advancement in the multiplayer department, but I don't think it has a big enough following to make noise in the GOTY, but I could be wrong.

stunt2133919d ago

WTF??? Halo 3 over Bioshock i mean halo 3 is a great game, but there is no way that Halo 3 would get game of the year because according to reviews bioshock owns halo 3.

Danja3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Umm I don't agree..UNCHARTED is by far the best game i've played all matter of fact the best i've played in years...

Heavenly Sword is one of my favs for the year but Uncharted leaps bounds over what Heavenly Sword did graphically and Uncharted packs alot more replay value...

Great games non the less..

lawman11083920d ago

Not enough people own one. Sadly it will be Mario but it should be Mass effect or Bio Shock.

Infernus3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Why should the number of PS3 users affect the GOTY? It has nothing to do with it.

GOTY should be COD4 imo. As much as Heavenly Sword and Uncharted have pushed for something different, COD4 has that overall brilliance with the SP and MP. Bioshock was a great game but was flawed. Mass Effect is also a great game and is up there near the top of the list imo.

Off many people's radar is Warhawk, one of the best MP games I've EVER played, a true pick up and play type of MP game and addictive as hell! While the lack of SP cost it review-wise it should be looked upon solely as a MP game, a true contender.

Haven't played Uncharted yet, ordered last week from the US, should arrive this week. Maybe it'll change my mind about my choice.

As for Halo 3, if that gets GOTY then the values of being a gamer have fallen away completely, it's not the best game this year, a touched up Halo 2 winning an award? Please...

Actually Portal was a great game too, though I think the Crysis hype has driven Valve away from GOTY through hype more than pure quality and innovation (Not saying Crysis isn't worthy, it is).

Good luck developers lol!

witchking3919d ago

I agree with COD4. I've played Halo 3 (more like Halo 2.5), Bioshock and have started Mass Effect. While all three of those titles are serious contenders, I really think COD4 upped the ante on the "intensity" factor.

I say that having not played any of the PS3 or Wii games... but my opinion is that COD4 is the 360 GOTY.

stuntman_mike3920d ago

yeah uncharted with out a doubt it surpassed all the hype its been given (and it aint been hyped enough). uncharted GOTY!

xplosneer3920d ago

Uncharted or Mass Effect.......I say Uncharted but probably because it seems like the underdog, didn't get enough hype, and was underscored IMO.

Andreiy3920d ago

Bioshock or mass effect(i hope it will come to pc)

Texas GMR3920d ago

but out of the games I have played, I would give it to Bioshock. The whole experience in that game from surroundings, music, and game play was pretty awesome.

I can't remember a year though where there have been so many good games out at the same time. It's gonna be a tough choice for the GOTY committee.

InMyOpinion3919d ago

Bioshock will take it but Mass Effect deserves it. Review-wise Bioshock won. It got better scores from the bigger sites, and that's what matters.