Interview: Uncharted 3 – A new genre created

iTWire writes "Keith Guerrette - Lead Visual Effects Artist at Naughty Dog sat down with us to discuss the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, Guerrette explains a number of challenges the team faced during development, and how Uncharted has helped define a whole new gaming genre of cinematic adventure."

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KonaBro2180d ago

However Naughty Dog has definitely proven they are in a league all their own.

MasterCornholio2180d ago

Naughty Dog will change TPS forever with their incredible stories, sweet visuals and cinematic gameplay.


from the beach2180d ago

Videogames had the ability to be 'cinematic' long before the modern-day QTE-fests. The term now basically means 'big action you don't get to control'.

Tachyon_Nova2180d ago

Indeed, since when did people start playing games to watch a 2 hour movie worth of cutscenes?