Xbox gamers play for points and bragging rights

The Washington Post's Mike Musgrove discusses Gamerscore, a clever system built into Microsoft's game console, designed to hook gamers by doling out achievement points and bragging rights to dedicated players. The points are worth nothing outside the quasi-social network of Xbox, and are good only for some vague, and nerdy, cred.

If this all sounds rather goofy, well, that's because it is. Goofy and effective.

Musgrove reports how Gamerscore can generates buzz and sales for games, and how it has changed the face of the gaming industry.

[ via Chicago Tribune on November 20, 2007 ]

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Douchebaggery3951d ago

I must give props to MS, nerdpoints are really clever way to get people to play x360 games and I believe that they play a role in the success of x360 software sales.

Personally I couldn't care less about nerdpoints but the achievement can give great replay value to an already great game I would like for more devs to do what BioWare did with Mass Effect.

jack who3951d ago

you say you dont care bout it yet you call it nerdpoints

Skerj3951d ago

Dude, they are nerdpoints. They serve no purpose but to brag on your gaming ability, IF you could exchange them for MS points or they were instrumental in unlocking something in a game then I could see the need to whore them so. I'll give kudos to MS though, I've seen some people buy games that they normally wouldn't have in order to boost their gamerscore.

FirstknighT3951d ago

Achievement points is a fantastic innovative idea from Microsoft. It definitely adds replay value to all games. That's why alot of real and hardcore gamers are choosing the 360 for their console of choice. The achievement points gives them a lil gaming "respect"

Leathersoup3951d ago

Because of gamer points I've found that I stick with games much longer than I did prior to their existence.

Depending on the way the achievements are given to the gamer, it can cause the gamer to pay particular attention to aspects of the game that aren't apparent from the get go.

pacman6153950d ago

but insomniac has been putting skill points in their games long before the x360 came out , take ratchet and clank for example since their first outing they have been providing us with skill points, or as a xbot would say "gaymerskore", just one more thing MS copied

ScottEFresh3951d ago

I don't need "achievements" to tell me how much I kick ass at a video game though. MS is smart in doing that. They know most "hardcore gamers" are insecure about themselves and need to keep reassuring them that they are indeed "hardcore".

FirstknighT3951d ago

How can you possibly get a negative comment on this article? Looks to me that your the one that's insecure.

wasupman3951d ago

Achievement points is not fantastic innovative idea from Microsoft are you serious or just on there testicals? people have been keeping high scores for games ever since the Pacman days hell even further than that. you all need to stop this stupid system wars shyt each system has there ups and downs and stop talking about how much who sells what from the last time I checked non of you work for or getting paychecks from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo

BloodySinner3951d ago

You're a PS3 owner, aren't you?

OOG FunK3951d ago

Nah its not about the scores its about having your game have goals set out for you to kinda makes a game last even longer when you have things that you can try out that you may not have thought of b4 hand

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The story is too old to be commented.