New Silent Hill: Book of Memories Screens

Konami Entertainment have released a new batch of PlayStation Vita’s upcoming Silent Hill title, Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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jujubee882450d ago

I saw a lot of negative comments on some YT videos and, while that represents a very minute amount of the consumer and gaming audience, I still plan on getting the game if it is good.

If the game is bad, I will just not buy it and asses the nessary critique. Right now, I like the screenshots and want to see more.

I have no doubt that Wayforward are going to represent the IP in the best way possible by making this their latest great game while maintaining some of the things that make SH so authentic. They are Wayfoward, and not the original creators but, the original creators are doing other things (the designer for the first SH game is working on "Gravity Rush" for the PS Vita) and in this scenario all Wayforward can do is put remain focused on making the best game they can.

The people that are bashing this game on YT should consider that.

thereapersson2450d ago

There is a certain aesthetic, however, that you can only get from a Japanese influence on the game. Team Silent's art direction will always be sorely missed.

I am remaining hopeful that this will be better than Homecoming, but of course not without a bit of skepticism.

SKUD2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

I'm hoping the game is AT LEAST decent. Also, There are more trolls on youtube then ALL of 4chan. Who would of seen that one coming?.

jujubee882449d ago


Designs from one person can always be observed and done by others, it just takes a lot of patience and the desire to copy something.

I do not know about ranking this title among other SH games, like I said I will accept the good the parts as they are. Whether there are hack and slash, shooting and/or puzzle aspects, I will individually asses those things and see if they are good or not.


There are many people that do things simply online because they can without minding the repercussions that might result in insulting or spreading lies. It is part convenience in doing so (since it is easy doing it online compared to irl) and part of them wanting to be part of some online group of pals.

Zero232450d ago

are there any gameplay videos?

HALODST2450d ago

Silent Hill: Ultimate Alliance?....