GTA V is nice Rockstar, but what about AGENT?

Today is a big day for Grand Theft Auto but what about AGENT? Two and a half years ago AGENT was announced at Sony's E3 presentation. Now it's two and a half years later and on the official AGENT site there is still the image with 'coming soon' under it.

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omi25p2328d ago

Maybe its for next gen?

Kingsora2328d ago

Well Sony is then suddenly quite ridiculous on the e3 stage.

buddymagoo2328d ago

Didn't people think LA Noire was vapourware, then it popped out of nowhere. Don't worry R* like to play their cards close to their chest.

RememberThe3572327d ago

I don't think anyone here thinks Agent is vaporware. The question is about timing. If they announced GTAV then they'll probably be aiming for a holiday 2012 release. With new connsoles supposedly due in 2013, why would Rockstar want to put a game on PS3 when the PS4 is close to launching around that time?

raztad2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )


Because PS3 installed userbase would be 60+ millions by the time the PS4 is released while PS4 one non existent?

I dont think Rockstar want their games to be launch titles. Less than a multimillion seller is failure for them.

PhantomT14122327d ago

Devil's Third, Insane and Rainbow 6 Patriots have all been announced (on Xbox 360 & PS3) for 2013 so we can assume this gen of console will last until that year.

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SoulramonNL2328d ago

It's announced for PS3 so..

Laxman2327d ago

Duke Nukem Forever was announced as Nintendo 64 wasnt it?

Too Human was announced as PS1 with like 6 discs or something. Then PS2. Then Xbox. Then 360.

LA Noire was announced as PS3 exclusive.

Much like LA Noire, Agent is going to cost a ton of money to finish, so I could see Rockstar doing the same thing they did with LA, and finishing it off as a multi-plat to cover costs, because for a high profile game taking 5-6 years to make at one the industries top studios, it will end up having to be one of the PS3's best selling exclusives to make back its money. As much as I hate to see it happen so often, new IP's generally dont sell well.

Lyr1c2327d ago

Sony was dissatisfied with LA Noire's production so they decided to strike a deal for Agent exclusivity, allowing LA Noire to go multiplatform.

Agent can NOT go multiplatform. It is bound by contract.

Unless that contract changes, it will never see another console.

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PirateThom2328d ago

Yes, Rockstar North owe Sony a game due to their funding of LA Noire for most of its development.

Kingsora2328d ago

Are you serious? So Sony payed partly for a 360 game...?

red2tango2328d ago

Sony was supposed to publish it and put money into it's development. 360 development was added at Rockstar's cost.

Thecraft19892328d ago

Well its under question

when asked on wether or not Rockstar Games Agent is still a PS3-Exclusive. He instead say

“I’m not sure exactly where we’ll land on that, that’s more something for Rockstar to decide, but i’m sure we’ll have a great offering on Agent for Ps3″.

BlackPrince 422328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

The full story is this.

Originally Grand Theft Auto IV was a PS3 exclusive. But Microsoft was banging down their door with money and the costs for making the game were getting out of hand (100 million dollars).

In order to make money on GTA IV R* and Sony worked out a compromise. That was that a future R* game would be a Sony exclusive. That future game was either going to be LA Noire or Read Dead Redemption. But R* decided to make those multiplatform. In order to fulfill their contractual agreement with Sony, R* announced Agent as a PS3 exclusive.

To be completely honest though, it seems like R* is jerking Sony around. Three of their PS3 "exclusives" (GTA IV, LA Noire, RDR) have gone to, and sold better on, the 360. I don't know what was in that contract language, but it looks like as long as R* appears to be developing an exclusive that's all they need not to get sued for breach of contract.

Or Sony has no balls, that's possible too. There aren't many developers that can dictate terms to publishers, but R* certainly can.

Regardless, if Agent isn't vaporware, which it may not be since LA Noire wasn't, expect it to go multiplat unless some legal action is taken by Sony.

kaveti66162328d ago

I don't think RDR was ever going to be exclusive to PS3.

jdfoster2327d ago

Wasn't 'The Agency' involved too? But that got cancelled to I remember.

SonyStyled2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

"I don't think RDR was ever going to be exclusive to PS3"

There was a title from R* code named "Old West Project" a good 4 years ago. Clearly it was the sequel to last generations Red Dead Revolver. At the time, early in its development, the PS3 was the only console it was in development for. Blackprinces story is accurate.

SonyStyled2327d ago

@ jdfoster

The Agency, which is a totaly seperate game from Agent, was a first party title in development by Sony Online Entertainment for PC/PS3. It was cancelled a few months ago yes, but that has nothing to do with the Sony/R* fiasco

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forevercloud30002327d ago


Kind of. See the situation goes like this...
-Sony and Rockstar were under CONTRACT that they would get the next GTAIV exclusive, just as they had for every other entry(at least timed).
-Microsoft paid an unsurmountable sum in order to convince R* of breaking said agreement with Sony.
-Sony allowed the GTA to go MP but under the clause that R* owed them one exclusive title of equal calliber.
-That game was suppose to be LA Noire. Yet after GTA DLC did not make up enough profit to pay MS back for their "donation" of about 20mill in addition to what they already gave R* had to give up more. GTA DLC was made MP to recoup loss and LA Noire was deemed unfit of anymore funding from SOny due to...
-Sony put in upwards 60mill into LANoire or something, yet the game was still no where near finishing. I believe some other 3rd party publisher(cant remember) was suppose to take it but that was like another 10mill down the drain with no sign of recoup. TakeTwo decided to fund it themselves but development was in hell with bad time management assunder. R* put another pretty penny into the game, strong handing the entire team with supposed "slave laboring". Yet at this point this game needed to make a decent amount of sales so it was made MP.
-R* promised Sony a gem though so they then went into agreement for "AGENT".
-We have not heard about this game since original reveal but there are quite a few rumors. One being is that once again MS is trying to impede sony's progress by offering to pay R* SO MUCH MONEY that they will either not make it at all or make it MP. This is struggling with their business sense vs their belief that word is bond(all rumour of course).

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archemides5182328d ago

dude.......just forget resident evil psp

Commander_TK2328d ago

Yeah, what the fuck happened to that?

gazgriff2k122328d ago

think its the 3ds game now

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