EA promotes least enticing 'Facebook unlock' in history

IncGamers: Unlock a Michael Bay directed trailer through Facebook.

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Dark_Overlord2394d ago

And the reason they do this?

When you accept their app on Facebook, they get access to a lot of your personal details. Saves them paying a company to collect data for them.

Hicken2394d ago

SO... Bay's scripts may suck, but he's at least good at directing action scenes, so a game like NFS: The Run should benefit from that.

That aside, what type of "enticing" facebook unlocks do people look forward to?

Dark_Overlord2394d ago

The Resistance 3 sidegame (Global Resistance) used to be Facebook only (you can sign in with your PSN now), it unlocks a few things for use in the Resistance 3 games. The main one being the 'Bloody Hell' mode :)

I thought they were pretty good unlocks :) and not some pointless crap like this

pendejo2394d ago

i want to see a trailer from Michael Bay. Sorry i wont jump in to the 'lets hate Michael Bay wagon'. the man does the best action sequences in hollywood, i studied film history and theory at university, and i can tell you Bay is no punk, do not underestimate the guy, the stuff he does with the camera belongs to high art cinema, i agree he likes to direct pop-corn movies for kids, yet his craft is very well thought out, he is the kind of director that became famous before becoming serious, yet he has all the caliber of a spielberg, dziga vertov, fritz lang, a well developed eye for meaning in images in movement.

And need for speed would be a perfect exercise to show his skills.

papashango2394d ago

Best michael bay defense ever.

But the hate is more people throwing his movies into the same pool as bubblegum pop, bieber, cod. dragonball z, ff7

All are/were part of pop culture and the people that hate it you'd find in message boards or here. So you'll find the internet hates it simply because the people that like it only do facebook

360ICE2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Unemployment is troubling the US, but Bay is still employed.
Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu